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so this past saturday (3-22-14), i saw wicked on broadway, and for some odd reason people always tend to leave their playbills just lying around on the floor. me, being the good samaritan i am, thought of you guys on tumblr and picked some up! 

there will be FOUR winners since there are FOUR playbills


  • you don’t have to be following me because i don’t want you to have to do something you don’t wanna and maybe you don’t like what i post so why would i make you stick around if you don’t wanna stay? exactly. 
  • reblog as much as you please and likes count!! just be considerate of others, ya know what i’m saying? 
  • no giveaway blogs PLEASE. some people actually care and if you just want to win something just to win well that’s kinda mean
  • this is open to everyone!! every person deserves an equal opportunity to win

the giveaway ends May 3rd cause that sounds like a good date to end something

now go win some playbills!!!!

due to the popularity, i’m extending this until MAY 17th

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